Want to Ask the Cast and Director of FRIGHT NIGHT a Question? We’re Hosting a FRIGHT NIGHT Video Chat Friday from Comic-Con

     July 19, 2011


With Comic-Con set to begin in San Diego tomorrow night, tens of thousands of geeks (myself included) are about to travel to “Nerdapalooza” to watch footage from some of the biggest upcoming movies and TV shows and to interact with some of the best actors and directors on the planet.  If you’re a fan of pop culture, comic books, TV shows, movies, Cosplay, or spending too much money on convention food, Comic-Con is an event you have to attend at least once in your life.

However, I know most of you reading this are not going to be able to attend.  Luckily, I have a solution…at least for the movie Fright Night. On Friday, at noon pacific time, we’re going to be hosting a live video chat from Comic-Con with Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin, Christopher Mintz-Plasse & director Craig Gillespie.  No matter where you live, you will have the chance to ask them questions and if you have a web cam, you can ask it on camera!  More info after the jump:

fright-night-posterIf you can’t tell, I’m extremely excited to be hosting this video chat.  Not only is it a great exclusive for us, but I saw Fright Night a few days ago and it’s great.  Everyone delivers fantastic performances and I even dug the 3D.  It’s definitely recommended.

So, you’re probably wondering how you will be able to ask a question/how it will all work.

On Friday morning, we’ll have an article pegged to the top of the page with the headline Fright Night Q&A or something along those lines.  It’ll also be a featured article at the top of the site.

In the article, you’ll see a huge Fright Night poster like the one on the right.  At noon pacific time, the poster will change into a live web cam show where I’ll be sitting with the stars of Fright Night and I’ll be picking questions from readers around the world.  As I said, if you ask your question with a web cam, we’ll all see you.  If you think this sounds cool, then that makes two of us.  For those curious, we’ll be using a service called Yowie to make it all come together.

For all those not able to go to this year’s Comic-Con, and the many fans of Fright Night, I hope you come back Friday to watch the Q&A and ask some questions. We look forward to hearing (and seeing) you!

Until then, here’s the latest Fright Night trailer:


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