Imogen Poots to Play Female Lead in FRIGHT NIGHT Remake; Full Cast Revealed

     June 20, 2010

Imogen Poots (Solitary Man) has signed on to play the female lead in Craig Gillespie’s remake of the 1985 cult horror-comedy Fright Night.  Poots is the final piece of major casting.  She joins Anton Yelchin, Colin Farrell, Toni Collette, David Tennant, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.  For those who don’t know, Fright Night is about teenager Charley Brewster discovering that his next door neighbor is a vampire (and not the cuddly Twilight-kind).

Poots will play Charley’s girlfriend, but according to Heat Vision, in this version the character is “part of the popular and unaware of his earlier life as a nerd.”  Another change from the original is that Peter Vincent character is no longer a late-night spook show host (which would admittedly be outdated) and is now Criss Angel-like Vegas magician.   Hit the jump for a side-by-side comparison of the original actors to the ones in the remake.

Note: I’m assuming that all the character names have remained the same.

Charley Brewster: William Ragsdale (1985) / Anton Yelchin (2011)

A teenager who discovers his next door neighbor is a vampire.

Jerry Dandridge: Chris Sarandon (1985) / Colin Farrell (2011)

Said vampire.

Amy Peterson: Amanda Bearse (1985) / Imogen Poots (2011)

Charley’s girlfriend.

Peter Vincent: Roddy McDowall (1985) / David Tennant (2011)

A charismatic entertainer who claims to be a vampire hunter.  He’s recruited by Charley to stop Dandridge.

“Evil” Ed Thompson: Stephen Geoffrey (1985) / Christopher Mintz-Plasse (2011)

Charley’s obnoxious friend.

Judy Brewster: Dorothy Fielding (1985) / Toni Collette (2011).

Charley’s mother.

Gillespie and his crew have a high bar to clear, but I think they’ve sewn up a strong cast.   I haven’t seen a film with Poots yet, but the rest of the cast is rock solid and I’m interested to see where they’ll go with this remake.

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