FRINGE Ratings Nearly Unchanged by Friday Time Slot

     January 22, 2011


If last night is any indication of its future viewership, then Fox’s Fringe should be in good shape going forward.  Last night, J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Bob Orci’s sci-fi series debuted in its “death sentence” Friday time slot to a viewership almost identical to its previous Thursday numbers.  Per InsideTV, the episode entitled “The Firefly” garnered 4.9 million viewers with 1.9 of those belonging to the preliminary adults 18-49 mold.  In fact, Fox’s coupling of Fringe and Kitchen Nightmares made it the top network among the 18-49 demographic.

For the sake of comparison, if we take Fringe‘s 18-49 numbers from last night (1.9) and pit them against their latest numbers from the fall (1.7, according to TV by the Numbers), we see that the show not only held its own in the Friday death slot but it somehow managed to increase viewership.  Of course, depending on your feelings toward the show, you’re either saying “way to hold strong” or “you’re just delaying the inevitable.”  Regardless, right now the ghost of Joss Whedon’s late Firefly is smiling.