WonderCon 2012: FRINGE Panel Recap; Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Blair Brown and Seth Gabel Talk Alternate Universes, “Vagenda” and Season 5

     March 20, 2012


The cast and crew of one of the best sci-fi procedurals since The X-Files were on hand for a Q&A at WonderCon this past weekend. Fans of Fox’s Fringe turned out in droves to show their support and gain some insight into the happenings of the show’s fourth season and possibilities of a fifth. The panel warmed up the audience with a montage of Walterisms from the eccentric Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble). These non sequiturs have been a mainstay in the show since the beginning and continue to be a highlight. Apart from that, the excellent casting, superb writing and edge-of-your-seat intrigue were then put on display in a clip from the upcoming episode, “A Short Story About Love.” Fringe, starring Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv and Lance Reddick returns this Friday, March 23rd at 9pm EST on Fox. Hit the jump to check out our recap and take a look at the Walterisms.

Fringe-John-NobleExecutive producer Jeff Pinkner and episode director J.H. Wyman were on hand to participate in the panel discussion alongside stars Jackson, Noble, Blair Brown and Seth Gabel. Their comments follow below:

  • Pinkner and Wyman in particular were very proud of the episode they teased before the discussion; the audience support for the clip was very enthusiastic.
  • When Noble was asked about getting used to the weirdness of the show, Jackson replied, “John doesn’t have to get used to the weirdness. He is the weirdness on set.”
  • Noble went on to answer the question, saying, “The weirdest part was a world without the memory of Peter (Jackson). Sad, bleak and strange, but not funny anymore until he found the love for Peter again.”
  • Pinkner talked about the alternate universes on the show and how he asked each of the actors to come up with variations of their respective characters. Brown commented on the two different versions of her character, Nina versus Meana. She said the hardest part was restraining her performance until Meana could be revealed to the audience.
  • fringeGabel has so far played four different versions of his character, Lincoln. He counted himself lucky to be able to learn from the other actors and knew he was up to the task as a regular in the fourth season.
  • Jackson joked that he was looking forward to shaving his head and possibly becoming an Observer. He went on to say that the versions of their characters are so complex that they spend a lot of time making sure they know where they are so that they “honor the past.”
  • On his character’s Walterisms, Noble says that he tries to get the other actors crack up with his non sequiturs, especially Reddick.
  • Gabel hopes that his character gets to end up with at least one version of Olivia (Torv).
  • Pinkner was happy to be able to bring David Robert Jones (Jared Harris) back, especially after Peter cut his character in half in a previous episode. Noble talked about the possibility of future conflicts between Walter and Jones.
  • While there was no confirmation for a fifth season, Wyman did say that there is “lots of story to tell.”

Check out the montage of Walterisms below and tune into Fox on Fridays at 9pm EST to check out Fringe.

Fringe-Joshua Jackson