FRINGE’s Joshua Jackson to Spot UFO

     November 23, 2009


Joshua Jackson, star of Fox’s Fringe and former star of The WB’s Dawson’s Creek, will headline UFO, a feature film adaptation of the 70s cult British TV Series directed by Matthew Gratzner.  According to Variety, “Jackson will star as Paul Foster, a test pilot who joins S.H.A.D.O. (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization), a covert org built under a Hollywood studio that defends Earth against a race of aliens who have been abducting humans and using the body parts.”  Gratzner will direct the adaptation as well.

Variety doesn’t say whether the film is intended as straight sci-fi or comedy or a mixture of both.  I’m gonna say, “Both.”  As for Jackson, he must be doing something right or Fringe wouldn’t be such a hit.  I wish I could vouch for him but Fringe remains on my list of “TV Shows I Want to Watch but Haven’t Because I’ve Been Really Busy Lately but I’ll Sit Down to Watch It Once I Have Some Time So Lay Off.”  However, I did really like him in the Mighty Ducks movies.

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