Frosty Empties the Collider Interview Closet

     August 15, 2006

I have been trying to get this article posted for awhile now. You would think just posting audio would be a piece of cake, just record and upload. However it not that easy. While I am not trying to compare myself to someone sweating out in the hot sun all day, no matter what you do, work is work. Everything takes time.

Now that I have finally cleaned up and uploaded all these interviews, I figured some of you might actually want to hear them. You may be asking yourself, where did these interviews take place and how are you able to put all these people into one article?

Comic-Con 2006.

Yes, I am the last online writer to finish up his comic-con stuff. But rather than going out with a whimper, let’s go out with a bang.

Below I have a TON of audio interviews. All were recorded either in roundtables or in a press conference setting. Now I know a lot of this info is out there already, but I really think there is something to be said about hearing someone say something rather than reading it. You can tell a lot by someone’s voice as they are answering something.

A great example is the Bryan Singer press conference. Here is a man who is clearly out of his mind. Does anyone really think Warner is going to let him do a sequel to a film that is going to lose money? The fact is a sequel has to be bigger and better. He had over 200 million to make this first Superman film and it won’t recoup that number in the states. When you listen to the press conference he talks about how much money the film is making abroad, but if you look at the reality of the numbers, the second Pirates sequel is wiping the floor with Superman’s remains. I will go on record saying there is NO WAY Warner Bros. let’s Bryan Singer make a Superman sequel. Perhaps they will make another Superman film, but a new director will be onboard. If you want to hear Bryan speak, his press conference is below.

Also below are interviews that took place on the films 300, The Reaping, The Wicker Man, Stardust, and The Ant Bully.

While not all the interviews are worth your time, if I had to choose I would definitely listen to Joel Silver, Neil Gaiman and Frank Miller. Joel Silver because he is one of the most powerful producers working today and he talks about Wonder Woman and the Wachowski Brothers. Neil Gaiman and Frank Miller, besides the fact that they are two of the biggest names in the comic-book world, they have a lot to say on many subjects. Frank talks Sin City 2, The Spirit and how Hollywood is treating him differently now. Neil talks a lot about Stardust and the normal questions like when will Sandman be made.

Now I am not trying to limit your listening to the people I just mentioned above, as many other people like Zack Snyder, the director of 300, have a lot of interesting things to say. I just know that everyone’s time is limited so I wanted to point out some of the ones I think came out great.

I hope you enjoy listening to some of these people talk, look for audio interviews in the next two days on the film Accepted and The Illusionist.

To listen to an interview either click the persons name, or right click it and save it to your computer for later. There is no copy protection so you can easily put the interview on your iPod or MP3 player.

Superman Returns

Bryan Singer

‘300’ – one of the standouts from Comic-Con

Frank Miller

Mark Canton(pictured above), Gianni Nunnari and Debbie Snyder (Producers)

David Wenham and Gerard Butler (The Stars)


Neil Gaiman (Creator of the Comic)

Jane Goldman (Writer)

Charlie Vess and Lorenzo Di Bonaventura (Illustrator and Producer)

The Reaping

Joel Silver (Producer)

Stephen Hopkins (Director)

Hilary Swank and AnnaSophia Robb (The Stars)

Wicker Man

Neil LaBute (Director)

The Any Bully

John Davis (Director)

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