Frosty Interviews Shia LaBeouf – Listen Here

     March 8, 2007

I just got back from a Surfs Up event (big new animated film coming in June) at Sony and I have to post a quick update on what I just heard before I sleep.

Over the last week or so many rumors have been floating around that Shia LaBeouf is going to play Harrison Ford’s son in Indy 4. Then in Variety earlier today a story went up that said he was in discussions for the part. Variety is like CNN for entertainment news so most assumed the part was signed, sealed and delivered. While that might be true and what I’m about to write might end up changing…

According to Shia, who I literally was speaking with an hour ago, he is NOT in Indy 4. He said it’s nothing more than an internet rumor than has run amuck. Obviously the journalists at my table pressured him but he stuck to his story and didn’t have that smile that might make you think he was lying.

Then, after the event was over, a few of us were talking to him outside and just bullshitting and he kept up the same story. I also asked him (without a tape recorder) if he was going to be the comic relief inIndy 4and he said he was done playing those types of roles. He said that he doesn’t want to be Jar Jar Binks. We all laughed.

So this is where we’re at.

Either he’s in the movie and he was instructed to say nothing and deny it all, or perhaps the contracts are not signed and he can stick to this “I’m not in it” story until he does sign. Or perhaps his agents have leaked all this stuff in a bid to raise his price or make something happen. Who knows? I’m sure in the next week this will all be finalized but until then you’re guess is as good as mine as to if he is or isn’t in the film.


The other highlight of tonight was about Transformers. He said they just went in for a rating and the MPAA gave it an R due to intensity! Then he said Spielberg made a call and now it’s PG-13. It’s nice to have Steven in your corner. He went on to say the film is non-stop action and that he went off the script a lot and improvised lines.

Again I’ll tell you what I’ve been hearing from everyone in the know… Transformers is supposed to be unreal and jaw dropping. I think fanboys are going to drop a third nut when they see it.

Since I don’t have time to transcribe what he said tonight (I will soon) I figured you might want to hear this two minutes of audio. In this edited bit he talks Indy 4, Transformers and we also touch on a Constantine sequel.

And if you want to hear the entire interview which was conducted with Jeff Bridges sitting next to him click here. Jeff talks a bit about his newly shaved head – yes it was for Iron Man and he talks a bit about his part and what drew him to the role. You can expect a transcript soon but for now all I’ve got is this audio.

And before I go tonight a few of us got to see about 20 minutes of Surfs Up tonight. While I will write a lot more on that after I transcribe the interviews I have to say the footage looked great and I was really surprised. The film is pushing animation in a completely new and original direction and I welcome the change. The film comes out in June. Much more soon.

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