Idina Menzel Clarifies Statement on FROZEN 2; Says She Has “No Idea” about the Film’s Current Status

     December 1, 2014


This weekend, people got really excited when Idina Menzel, who voiced Elsa in Frozen, said Frozen 2 was in the works.  While this should be evident to anyone who knows that studios like money and tend to make sequels to billion-dollar films, it built a self-feeding furor and also misleading stories as if Menzel was confirming a movie in active development.  “In the works” is such a broad term that it could mean anything from the idea stage to active pre-production.  Additionally, a voice actor is not the most reliable source when it comes to figuring how and when a studio and filmmakers will proceed with their blockbuster animated movies.

Menzel stopped by Today this morning, and when asked about her Frozen 2 comments, she clarified [via THR], “You know, I have no idea — I just assumed that because it’s so successful that’s what they’re up to!”  She made an assumption that anyone would make.  And if you look at her original quotes, you can see they were far from declarative.  I would love to see Frozen 2 soon, but we’re not getting it in the near future, and when we do hear about it, the big announcement probably won’t come from a voice actor.


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