FROZEN Sing-Along DVD Set for November 18th Release; Sequel Chapter-Book Series Hits Shelves January 6, 2015

     August 12, 2014


The Frozen cash cow continues to be milked.  Disney was somewhat unprepared for just how massive a success its animated film would be when it hit theaters last November, underestimating the merchandise demand so poorly that Disney stores around the country were regularly out of Frozen toys, costumes, etc.  Well now the studio has finally caught up to the film’s popularity, and if anyone knows how to keep a property alive for decades on end, it’s Disney.  The studio is hard at work on a Broadway musical adaptation of the film and is also slowly developing a feature film follow-up, but before all that, kids will have new Frozen materials to fawn over this holiday season.

Disney has announced that a Frozen Sing-Along DVD will hit stores on November 18th, as if kids (and adults) didn’t already know all the words to “Let It Go.”  Moreover, a Frozen sequel is coming sooner than you think in the form of a series of chapter books.  Hit the jump for more.

frozen-sing-along-dvdThe Frozen Sing-Along Edition will be released on DVD and Digital on November 18th, though it appears that a Blu-ray version is not a part of the plan.  The new release includes both the Sing-Along and theatrical versions of the film, as well as the new featurette “Breaking the Ice”, though no details are given as to what this entails.

Additionally, THR reports that Random House will be publishing a Frozen chapter-book series aimed at kids.  The books will pick up where the story of the film left off, continuing the adventures of Anna and Elsa.  Written by Erica David, the first two books, Anna & Elsa #1: All Hail the Queen and Anna & Elsa #2: Memory and Magic, will go on sale starting January 6, 2015.  Two more books will follow later in 2015, and the plan is to publish three or four books a year, presumably until the end of time.

If that wasn’t enough Frozen saturation for you, ABC is also adding Anna and Elsa to its Once Upon a Time lineup when the show returns this fall, because who needs originality when you can just mine Disney’s vast library of existing characters and stories?



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