FROZEN Trailer

     December 21, 2009


A trailer for Frozen, a Sundance 2010 “Park City at Midnight” selection, has just been released. The film follows three skiers that are stranded on a chairlift who are “forced to make life-or-death choices that prove more perilous than staying put and freezing to death.” Frozen was scripted and helmed by Adam Green, (writer/director of Hatchet) and stars Shawn Ashmore, Emma Bell, and Kevin Zegers as the three skiers.

The film looks as though it could be an interesting exercise in minimalist horror, and I am curious to see the other “life-or-death” choices referenced in the plot synopsis. Frozen was recently screened at Aint It Cool’s Butt-Numb-A-Thon to a positive reaction, including high praise from Harry Knowles himself, who is quoted in the trailer saying, “Scary and intense. I loved it.”   You can also check out the one-sheet and stills we posted here. Check out the trailer after the jump and look for Frozen in theaters February 5, 2010.

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