Exclusive ‘Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force’ Clip Sees the Title Team Spring into Action

     May 1, 2017


A new cartoon that rekindles the magic of classic Saturday morning cartoons is coming, but rather than premiering on the small screen of an old tube TV, it’ll be making its debut this Friday on YouTubeRed; your screen size may vary. Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force is a surprisingly fun and wildly colorful new animated action series that hails from Halfbrick Studios, the same company that created the massively popular mobile game Fruit Ninja and now makes their first foray into cartoon animation. And it’s an absolute blast!

The 13-episode series featuring fruit-themed characters familiar to fans of the franchise will be available Friday, May 5 on YouTube and the YouTube Kids app for YouTube Red subscribers. Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force follows four Fruit Ninjas–Seb, Niya, Peng, and Ralph–who run a humble juice stand as a front for their secret ninja dojo where they have been training to unlock the ancient secrets of Juice-Jitsu. It’s as crazy a premise as you might expect from an adaptation of the slice-and-dice mobile game, but it’s in perfect step with Saturday morning cartoons from yesteryear. The kid-friendly series is a blend of action and humor that parents can watch along with their little ones where they can enjoy the puns that are meant for an older audience. Don’t expect a lot of moral preaching or PSAs in this one, however, since the focus is on brightly colored action, very silly antics, and absurdly funny villains.

We’re happy to bring you an exclusive reveal of a new clip from Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force that sees the title heroes taking on the 1,000-year-old ninja Durian Grey and his monstrous creations. Check out our exclusive reveal of the clip below and be sure to come back this Friday for my review, just in time for the release of the series: