‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ Trailer Reveals the Rogue Homunculi Lust, Envy, and Gluttony

     July 13, 2017


We’ve already seen a good amount of Edward Elric (Ryosuke Yamada) and his brother Alphonse in earlier looks at the upcoming live-action adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist, but this new trailer is the best one yet. Not only does it show off some rather impressive effects work in bringing a massive, sentient suit of armor to life, it reveals the film’s collection of over-the-top, terrifying villains. This new trailer gives us glimpses of the rogue Homunculi: Lust (Yasuko Matsuyuki), Envy (Kanata Hongō), and Gluttony (Shinji Uchiyama).

Also shown here are Winry Rockbell (Tsubasa Honda), Roy Mustang (Dean Fujioka), Maes Hughes (Ryuta Sato), and Riza Hawkeye (Misako Renbutsu), so at least the deck is stacked firmly in the State Military’s favor, right? We’ll find out when Fumihiko Sori’Fullmetal Alchemist hits theaters (in Japan) on December 1st.

Check out the new trailer below:

Here’s the official synopsis for the live-action adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist:

Two brothers set out on a journey in order to take back everything they have lost. Fullmetal Alchemist is a legendary comic by Hiromu ARAKAWA that has sold over 70 million books worldwide. This emotional adventure finally gets a live-action version! An epic, highly-awaited fantasy action movie has begun to move!

This trailer, moreso than the first two, gives me confidence in the adaptation at least as far as the effects work goes. The characters and their most extreme physical characteristics seem to have been brought to life fairly well. All that remains to be seen now is how well the fraternal chemistry between the on-screen Ed and Al comes across, and just how menacing the Homunculi really are in battle.

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