Fun Size Horror Film 3: Jackson Stewart’s “Ninja Masters”

     October 29, 2014


Our Fun Size Horror lineup continues with “Ninja Masters.”  I’ve actually known director Jackson Stewart for some time now (and was assigned this short randomly), so while I can tell you that he’s one of Larchmont Village’s most accomplished raconteurs, you might be more interested in his official bio.  Jackson Stewart is a writer/director hailing from Tucson, Arizona.  He’s written for the SyFy channel, the CW and the web series Black Box TV.  Recently, his short film Sex Boss premiered at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival.  Additionally, he’s beaten Ninja Gaiden 1 & 2 for Nintendo without the aid of Game Genie or cheat codes.

Hit the jump to check out Stewart’s Fun Size Horror segment, “Ninja Masters.”  It stars Brea Grant (Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2), Megan Lee Joy, Katie Stegeman (Contracted) and Erin Braswell.  Hurry!  It’s only up for 24 hours!

Here’s the synopsis for Ninja Masters:

A night of cult movie watching for four young women is interrupted when one of them arrives with an accursed, ninja/demonic possession film on VHS.

Like what you see?  Here’s what we’ve got coming the rest of the week:

  • Thursday October 30th: “Bad Eggs” – Directed by Max Isaacson
  • Friday October 31st: “Mr. Hendrix” – Directed by Zeke Pinheiro.  It’s hard to be a step-father.  Hard on your wife.  Hard on your new daughter.  Especially when the girl is haunted by a bogeyman.  Except not all bogeymen are lies.  Some are real.  And some don’t care how old you are – some will haunt you for life.
  • Halloween Special: “Collection” – Directed by Josh C. Waller (This one will be available on all participating sites.)  A well-respected photographer (Lance Reddick) meets with a young model (Allie Gonino) for a private session which leaves her traumatized.  Also starring Tracie Thoms.


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