FUN SIZE HORROR Poster and Collider’s Official Release Line-Up Including Work from Josh C. Waller, Zeke Pinheiro, Mali Elfman and More

     October 17, 2014


As we told you a couple of weeks ago, Collider is teaming up with a little something called Fun Size Horror, a collective of talented filmmakers who love the genre.  It isn’t easy getting independent films off the ground, so Zeke Pinheiro figured, he knows a whole bunch of folks eager to make movies, so why not pool all their resources and make them together?  That idea resulted in the completion of 31 short horror films.

But even then, there’s the issue of distribution and that’s where Collider, DreadCentral, BloodyDisgusting, ShockTillYouDrop and HitFix come in. Beginning October 27th, each outlet will unveil a new Fun Size Horror short. That short will be available for 24 hours and then after that period, a new short film will take its place. Hit the jump for more on the initiative and to check out the Fun Size Horror poster as well.

There are loads of top talent taking part in Fun Size Horror, but Collider will put the focus on seven of them – Pinheiro, Grant Olin, Mali Elfman, Jackson Stewart, Jackson Lanzing, Max Isaacson and Josh C. Waller.  Here’s our official release schedule:

  • Monday October 27th: “When They Say Your Alone” – Directed by Grant Olin
  • Tuesday October 28th: “Voice” – Directed by Mali Elfman
  • Wednesday October 29th: “Ninja Masters” – Directed by Jackson Stewart
  • Wednesday October 29th: “Still Alive” – Directed by Jackson Lanzing
  • Thursday October 30th: “Bad Eggs” – Directed by Max Isaacson
  • Friday October 31st: “Mr. Hendrix” – Directed by Zeke Pinheiro
  • Halloween Special: “Collection” – Directed by Josh C. Waller (This one will be available on all participating sites.)


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