Funimation’s Summer Selections Offer Anime for All Ages and Audiences

     September 14, 2018


The fine folks over at Funimation were kind enough to send me a selection of their Summer 2018 anime offerings, a crazy collection of some of the best series the medium has to offer right now. Whether you’re interested in anime but haven’t watched any or you’ve been a fan for decades, Funimation definitely has something for you to enjoy; you’ll probably find a few favorites in this very line-up.

For the uninitiated, Funimation is a U.S. company known for their dubs and domestic distribution of Japanese anime. So all of the reviews you’re about to check out are for the dub version of each anime, though some Blu-rays/DVDs have a Japanese audio option, and there are some exceptions to the rule. Below, you’ll find the official synopsis for each movie and series, along with a link to pick up your own copy at Funimation’s online store, should my review convince you. Sometimes, it’ll be an easy thing to suggest you buy it, other times, it’ll be just as easy to go in the other directon.

Check out my rundown of Funimation’s home video selections from this summer, along with links to pick up all those that fit your tastes. The following titles will be presented by audience age, youngest first, since I don’t think the little ones should be watching Garo the Movie: Divine Flame anytime soon.