Funko’s Head of Social on Fundays, Prototypes and What’s Coming in 2019

     July 30, 2019

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, I attended a pretty crazy event: the annual Funko Fundays. If you haven’t heard of it, Fundays is a celebration of all things Funko and the ticketed event tends to sell out in a matter of seconds. One of the reasons why it’s so popular is the event only happens once a year (at SDCC) and everyone that attends gets a number of incredibly limited Funko Pops and a super limited Funko Pop prototype. If you’re a Funko Pop collector, you will absolutely walk out with a bounty of cool, hard to find Pops. In addition, I think the other reason the event is so popular is the Funko community seems to be loaded with fans that know each other. I kept seeing people happy to see one another and having a great time. While I went in not knowing what to expect, I left with a new appreciation for Pops and the Funko fans.

funko-fundays-2019Anyway, the day after the event, I got to sit down with Cameron Deuel, who is the head of Social at Funko. During the wide-ranging conversation we talked about Funko Fundays, how they prevent Bots from buying the tickets before the fans, the prize patrol song, prototypes, the collectability of Pops, how Mark Hamill was at the event and they made a super limited POP, where did the idea of doing pins at Comic-Con come from, the many Comic-Con exclusives, how Funko acquired a board game company, creating a Funkoverse strategy game, what’s coming up next, and so much more.

If you’re a Funko fan I’m confident you’ll learn a lot watching the interview.

Finally, a huge thank you to the people from Funko that invited me to Funko Fundays. Was a lot of fun.

Cameron Deuel:

  • What he does at Funko.
  • What it was like being part of Funko Fundays.
  • How the event sells out incredibly fast.
  • What do they do to prevent bots from buying all the tickets?
  • What happens at Funko Fundays and the prize patrol song.
  • How everyone that attends gets a prototype.
  • funkoverse-strategy-gameHow Mark Hamill was at the event and they made a super limited POP that only a few people got.
  • The collectability of Pops.
  • Where did the idea of doing pins at Comic-Con come from?
  • What is the Golden Freddy Idol Pop pin?
  • How Funko acquired a board game company and they’re creating Funkoverse strategy game.
  • Are the games collectible and/or limited?
  • All the exclusives at Comic-Con this year.
  • How can people physically carry all the exclusives at one time?
  • How many prototypes do they make of any one pop?
  • More prototype talk.
  • How Fundays first started.
  • What is he excited about that’s coming up at Funko?
  • Does Funko do t-shirts or other apparel?
  • What’s the biggest Pop they’ve made?

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