FURU FURU PARK Nintendo Wii Video Game Review

     March 1, 2008

Reviewed by Monika Bartyzel

I will admit – it’s not too hard to keep me happy in the world of gaming. Give me a little challenge, but nothing that won’t keep me stuck in one spot feeling like I’m in an eternal, helpless repeat, and I’m happy. Keep it straight-forward, and never make levels where you have to play for a long time just to get back to where you stopped last time, because you couldn’t defeat the Big Bad and move up a level. (Yes, I’m looking at you, Chaos Bleeds.)

That being said, I was disappointed by Furu Furu Park. As a game it’s inoffensive, and never made me really aggravated, but it also didn’t wow me. This is the sort of game you can play and have some fun with, but you won’t feel that rise of competitive fun and engagement in the play. The game is just too simple. That being said, with a small price tag of $20 and its being a game for kids as well, it’s not a bad simple, cheap game. You get what you pay for.

Play is broken down into two modes – single and 2-player. The single-player games are fairly bland, most of which only require you to move your wrist and tilt the Wii controller. There are classics like Bubble Bobble and Arkanoid, as well as strange games ranging from sushi serving to a hammer throw using the game’s “Afro Brothers.” You can choose Free Mode, where you choose which games you want to play, or Rank Mode, where a pig will rank just how good you are at the games the swine selects, and then associate you with an insect or animal.

When you grab a friend and do two-player mode, there’s a few more options, although this won’t drive you crazy with tough challenges like some better mini-game compilations out there. You can pick Free Battle and choose games at random, Panel Attack, where you have to complete all the games in a specific panel and you gain points for the number of games you win, and Love Challenge. Yes, there is a selection of games you can play with a partner where Afro Man will figure out if you’re romantically compatible. It’s semi-charming.

Playing the games requires minimal effort and know-how – also making it a decent choice for anyone who never picks up a controller. Most of the games are ridiculously easy. For example, if you fight an opponent in karate, you just have to follow a series of controller twists rather than learn how to punch or kick. Teamed with incredibly simple visuals, I wonder if these mini games wouldn’t be better on their own, played online or downloaded cheaply.

It’s all goofy and mildly humorous, although the gaming variety isn’t as diverse as the games themes – mummies, dragon flies, hitting meteors, smacking down fighters, solving puzzles… and that’s just some of them. Furu Furu Park’s simplicity makes it perfect for kids, and it isn’t so bad that an adult can’t enjoy a game or two. Just don’t pick it up expecting to have your Wii skills put to the test.

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