Gabriel Iglesias Joins MAGIC MIKE; Peter Sarsgaard Eyes NIGHT MOVES

     August 25, 2011


Magic Mike (aka The Male Stripper Movie) has spent the summer casting beefcakes: Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello Matthew McConaughey.  Finally, one of the male parts will go to… how do I put this delicately… a very, very fat man.  According to THR, comedian Gabriel Iglesias will play the DJ at the strip joint where a veteran dancer (Tatum) teaches the new guy (Pettyfer) everything he knows, including “the protocol of stage performance, the principles of money management, and rules for dating female fans.”  Steven Soderbergh is directing the drama, based on Tatum’s experience in the business at the age of 19.

Hit the jump to read Peter Sarsgaard’s description of Night Moves and his potential involvement in the Kelly Reichardt-directed movie.

Sarsgaard is promoting the international release of Green Lantern, and spoke with the Portuguese site C7nema about his admiration for Reichardt’s work.  Sargaard wrote to the director, and in turn, Reichardt offered him a role in her next film.  The Playlist provides a rough English translation:


“It is called Night Moves. It’s about three people who want to blow up a dam. They are a kind of environmental terrorists. They are not thinking about killing anyone, [they] just [want to] change the world. When I read the script I was passionate and committed to the film.”

Sarsgaard elaborated on that passion in relation to a recent documentary:

“I saw a documentary called If A Tree Falls in which a group of environmentalists in Portland [are] trying to save centuries-old trees and the police act with such brutality that these youth ultimately decide to do more than protect a tree. So [they] take action. Thus, step by step, I can understand how my character gets to the point of wanting to blow up a dam. I never want to do this, but I can understand how someone can want to do that. We have a gun pointed to our planet. We see that the demonstrations are not working because they are being tackled with pepper [spray]… so you get the radical movement. I can understand that.”

I am not especially excited by the subject matter, but a Reichardt/Sarsgaard collaboration sounds pretty swell.  Night Moves is still in the early stages of development, but tonight marks its official addition to our list of projects to watch.

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