Gal Gadot to Go ‘Deeper’ Alongside Bradley Cooper in Max Landis-Scripted Thriller

     September 20, 2017


With one major action franchise under her belt in Fast and Furious, and another going strong with the live-action DCEU, Gal Gadot continues to seek roles that will push the boundaries of her career as an actor. Her performance as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman turned the international spotlight in her direction while also opening up opportunities outside the superhero field. Gadot recently starred in the action/comedy Keeping Up with the Joneses and the crime drama Triple 9, but now she’s adding a supernatural thriller to her filmography.

As THR reports, Gadot is in talks to join MGM’s Deeper as her next big-screen project, though it’s not yet reported just who her character will be. Four-time Oscar nominee Bradley Cooper stars in the picture that was scripted by Man Landis and picked up by the studio last year; Hungarian director Kornel Mundruczo (White God) will be at the helm. Deeper follows “a disgraced astronaut who is on a deep-sea dive exploring a newly discovered trench but soon finds himself confronted by a sinister and dangerous force.” If movies like Gravity and The Martian come to mind, you’re in the right ballpark. David Goyer, Kevin Turen, Russell Ackerman, John Schoenfelder and Landis and Cooper are all on board as producers.


Image via Warner Bros.

While Gadot’s opportunities may be many and varied in the near future, her schedule is less forgiving. She’s locked in for at least four DCEU films that have already been announced and which carry through to 2020. Justice League, arriving November 17th of this year, will see Gadot return to her role as Wonder Woman alongside the other heroes (and villains) of DC Comics. Work for a superhero is never-ending, however, as Gadot will also appear in Wonder Woman 2, in which Patty Jenkins also returns to direct; this one’s due out December 13, 2019. Other big-screen projects announced include Justice League: Part Two and Flashpoint.

Are you excited to see Gadot step outside of her Amazonian role for Deeper? Let us know in the comments!

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