Exclusive: Here’s What the ‘Galaxy Quest’ TV Show Would Have Been About

     August 20, 2020


When Collider editor-in-chief Steve Weintraub spoke to Bill & Ted Face the Music director Dean Parisot yesterday, he couldn’t resist asking him about one of Parisot’s earlier projects, the beloved sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest. Specifically, we wanted to know about the long-rumored Amazon series based on the property, which would have reunited the starry cast (including Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Sam Rockwell and Tony Shalhoub). Last we’d heard the project was stalled following the death of original cast member Alan Rickman. But Parisot provided a lot more information.


Image via Paramount

“Yes, we were going to make it. I remain very good friends with Bob Gordon, who wrote Galaxy Quest and Mark Johnson, who produced it and all those actors. We’re still friends and talk all the time. We were in the process of trying to do the series when Alan died,” Parisot explained. “We couldn’t go forward after that because we loved Alan, who was the sweetest, most generous person on the planet. We just couldn’t see it without him. We’re still talking about it all the time. Who knows.”

When the question was raised of how close the series came to air, it turns out it was very close. “We had a deal with Amazon,” Parisot said. “We were getting notes. There was a script. We had everybody on board.”

But would it have been a movie sequel, a miniseries, an ongoing series, what? “We were thinking of a 10-episode series that really was eventually one long movie. It was a three-act structure that took 10 episodes,” Parisot said. He then explained what the central conceit of the show would have been: “It was finding these guys, they’re even more pathetic because it’s 15 years or 20 years later. Tim Allen’s character lets it go that he really went to outer space and have been mocked ever since, they lost their TV show and they’re even more of a disaster.” Parisot continued: “It was a great opening because they were asked to go to Comic Con and they think it’s because they’re going to reinvigorate the series but instead they’re going to hand it off to a younger group of actors. So Jason Nesmeth [Allen’s character] gets in a horrible fistfight on stage and it went from there.”


Image via Paramount

Still, Parisot kept himself from giving away any further details because, like he said, it could always come back (and if it’s one thing that defines Galaxy Quest it’s a kind of hopeful optimism). “I won’t give it away in case it comes back but it was fun, we were laughing about it,” Parisot said. “Unfortunately it just didn’t happen.” In other words, never give up, never surrender!

Check out what Parisot had to say about the Galaxy Quest TV series below. We’ll have more from Steve’s chat with Dean Parisot and tons of great Bill & Ted Face the Music content ahead of its August 27 release.