Limited Paper: Gallery 1988 Reveals the Full Lineup for New Gallery Show Featuring Jay Shaw, Josh Budich, and Jeff Boyes

     August 3, 2012


So, Jay Shaw took on paranoid thrillers from the 60’s and 70’s, and he did it using a pretty-damn-bold black-and-white-only color scheme.  Another ballsy move on Shaw’s part, and another check for the “Win” column.  But what of artist Josh Budich?  What did he have planned for the show?  We discussed that earlier in the week, at which time Budich pointed me towards the following quote (which explains his “Sistene Pop” theme):

I was honored when Gallery1988 asked me to do a 3-man solo-show with Jeff Boyes and Jay Shaw. The show will open at G1988′s Venice location, Thursday, August 2, from 7-10pm PST, and the art will be on display through August 25. I’m headed out to the West Coast for the opening. Hope to see you all there!  My theme is an attempt to marry my study and love of the classical Renaissance masters (personal fav Michelangelo), with all my childhood obsessions and influences from pop-culture/toys, etc. So, I placed bigger-than-life characters within the Sistine Chapel environment, elevating them to an even grander iconic stature. Similar to the way Michelangelo did with the biblical Prophets and Sybils.

As was the case with Shaw’s series, all of Budich’s “Sistene Pop” prints were almost identical:  each print was selling for $40, was numbered from an edition of 60, and all measured 18×18”.  The only thing that changed, print-to-print?  The image on the front.  And what did Budich’s lineup look like, anyway?  We were surprised by our reaction to this series, but see what you think:

Y’know, I wanna point out that this set of prints is easily the best work I’ve seen from Budich since…well, ever, actually.  The more I look at the prints in this little series, the more I’m convinced that we might actually be seeing Budich stepping way outside of his comfort zone (you’re seeing this, too, or is this just the mescaline talking?), and that’s been something I’ve felt this artist would benefit from for a long time.

See, to me Budich’s Gallery88 posters feel noticeably looser (I’ll betcha $2 that Budich was having way more fun than normal while getting this series completed), more compelling, and far less obvious.  His likenesses—something I’ve seen Budich take knocks for in the past– definitely seem to be more accurate (really digging that Brody print!).  Colors are great, too.  Maybe now it’s the mescaline talking?

Look, bottom line?  I always believe in giving credit where credit’s due.  It’s true that Budich’s work hasn’t always blown my skirt up in the past…but I was pleasantly surprised by every print he had available at this show (now there’s a sentence I feared I’d never have cause to write).  I’m hoping Budich continues to push onwards, outwards, upwards (anywhere but backwards oughtta be fine)…but what do you guys think?  How do these “Sistine Pop” prints compare to Budich’s other work?  Have I gone mad, or is this not the best work he’s done in a long, long time?  Sound off in the comments section below!  Then we’ll move on to…


Finally, the third chunk of Gallery1988’s “three-man solo show” belongs to Canadian artist Jeff Boyes, and it’s impressive third.  Interestingly, Boyes tells me below that he wasn’t consciously going for any one particular theme: to hear him tell it, he was just using the opportunity to create some prints he’d never had the opportunity to make before.  Somehow, he ended up with something that feels pretty damn cohesive, anyway.

Because Jeff was generous enough to talk me through each and every print when we touched base earlier this week, I’m able to do something a little different for this section.  First, here’s what Jeff says about the show in general:  “Well, I have 7 prints in the show.  I never started out with a theme (in hindsight a theme would of probably made the work go a little faster!), I just took this as an opportunity to do some prints I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the chance.  As I got into organizing myself with what I was gonna actually produce, half the prints ended up being 80’s themed and half were more current.”

  • Point Break Variant by Jeff Boyes
  • 18×24”
  • $50 signed/numbered edition of 60
  • 3 color screenprint

Jeff Says:  “A print that needed to be in this show was a Variant of the Bodhi print (Point Break).  I’m not a huge fan of doing too many Variants, especially 2 years after the release, but a lot of people have been e-mailing me over the last two years about that print, and a while ago I started telling people they had to wait until this show and I’d have something cool for them.”

  • L.A. Massacre (Thrashin’) by Jeff Boyes
  • 18×24”
  • $50 signed/numbered edition of 60
  • 5 color screenprint

Jeff Says:  “From that print I wanted a print that went along with it.  I decided to do a Thrashin’ inspired print.  Always loved this movie as a kid.  Christian Hosoi and Tony Alva as Daggers, Also it has a lot of 80’s Venice Beach and California in it.  You got the surfing(Point Break) and the skating(Thrashin’) in Cali… both things I dreamed about as a kid in Canada.  To round out the 80’s (although Point Break is early 90’s, it still feels a little 80’s to me!) I did a more concept driven Teenwolf inspired print and a Spaceballs print.”

  • Wolf Mobile by Jeff Boyes
  • 10.5×26”
  • $50 signed/numbered edition of 60
  • 4 color screenprint

Jeff Says:  “The Teenwolf print was definitely a more “inspired by” print, since he never surfed the wolfmobile as the wolf at night and most of the surfing was in suburbia.  I just wanted to make a bad-ass print of teenwolf and this concept had been in my mind for a while.”

  • Eagle 5 (Spaceballs) by Jeff Boyes
  • 10.5×26”
  • $40 signed/numbered edition of 60
  • 3 color screenprint

Jeff Says:  “For the Spaceballs print I wanted to make something that made you think back to that movie, but also something that could go up on your wall.  Pizza the Hut would have epic to draw but I don’t know how many people would hang that on their wall so I chose Eagle 5(the flying Winnabego). I used a metallic black on this one to get that extra starry sparkle.”

  • That’s That (Punchdrunk Love) by Jeff Boyes
  • 18×24”
  • $50 signed/numbered edition of 60
  • 4 color screenprint

Jeff says:  “As for the more current prints.  I chose Eternal Sunshine and Punch Drive Love. Two of my favourite movies that don’t get enough print love. The Punch Drunk print was a fun one.  I think I drove Steve at D&L a little mad with that blend in the background.  He did a great job with it though.  Love the iconic blue suit and the phone in his hand.”

  • Eternal Sunshine by Jeff Boyes
  • 10.5×26”
  • $50 signed/numbered edition of 60
  • 6 color screenprint

Jeff says:  “I drew the Eternal Sunshine print with the idea of putting Joel (Jim Carrey) in the shadows of Clementine (Kate Winslet) and then kind of breaking away into segments.  While the movie mostly focuses on Joel erasing Clementine from his mind, I wanted to focus on what happened first and also, I wanted to portray Joel as the one getting screwed.”

  • Drive by Jeff Boyes (AP Edition)
  • 18×18”
  • $90 AP Edition of 10 (!!!)
  • 4 color screenprint

Jeff says:  “Oh, and the last print is my A/P’s of the Drive print I did in November.”

And that, my friends, is that!  Please remember that every remaining print from last night’s opening (however many that might be) will be dropping online at the Gallery1988 website sometime this afternoon:  while it’s true that some of the show’s prints are already completely sold out, I’ve been led to believe that the majority didn’t…so there’s a reasonable chance that you’ll get at least some of what you’re hoping to buy during today’s online drop, right?  Well, depends on how you define the word “reasonable”, but let’s not get sidetracked:  instead, I’ll wish all of you luck, and hope everyone gets what they want.

Special thanks are in order to Jeff Boyes, Jay Shaw, Josh Budich, and everyone else at Gallery1988:  all of you helped us get this piece put together, and all of you were a pleasure to deal with!   To everyone else:  please, stay tuned for more Gallery1988-related coverage here at Limited Paper in the days, weeks, and months ahead.  They’re having a good year, and it’ll be cool to see what else they’ve got up their sleeves for 2012.

Also:  Are you an artist with a kick-ass print that’s about to go on-sale?  Are you a gallery (or, more likely, a gallery owner) with a show on the verge of being announced?  Got poster-related business you’d like to spread the word about?  Are you just a creepy, unwashed drifter who managed to overhear a hot poster-related scoop while stalking, say, Martin Ansin?  If so, drop us a line at right away:  we’re always looking for new news!   Everyone else can sound off in the comments section below, or– if you’re not already following us over on Twitter– head on over to this page to get signed up now (as soon as we hit the 1,000 follower mark, we’ll do a cool giveaway)!

Finally, if you’re interested in buying any of the prints featured today head over to the Gallery1988 website.

Until next time, remember:  never, ever, ever pay a stranger via the PayPal “Gift” option.  Ever.

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