Help Arya Stark Escape the Sociopathic Teen King in a GAME OF THRONES Coloring Book

     April 3, 2012


Game of Thrones can get quite intense – if you caught the season 2 premiere this past Sunday night, a specific scene might come to mind that was particularly gut-wrenching. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun with the material and that’s exactly what the folks at have been up to. As a huge sucker for puzzles, I totally feel for their Jumble edition of Game of Thrones and now they’re back with more with their show-themed coloring book.

The pages have just what you’d expect from any kiddie coloring book, G-rated games. They even manage to tame the infamous “crown for a king” scene, swapping Viserys’ liquid gold for a porkpie, doo rag and other far less harmful headwear. I doubt you’d find a beheaded [spoiler] in any coloring book for toddlers, but in the case of Arya’s maze to boy clothes and freedom, it’s wholly necessary. Hit the jump to check out excerpts from the book. Beware, the images contain spoilers for season one of Game of Thrones.

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Head on over to to check out the complete Game of Thrones coloring book.


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