See Nicolas Cage Play the GAME OF THRONES as Every Major Character

     June 30, 2015


Game of Thrones may have ended with some controversy this season, but what is never controversial is Nicolas Cage being Photoshopped onto images. Especially if those images happen to be Game of Thrones characters. He’s thoughtful as Eddard Stark, burdened as the Mother of Dragons, angry as Arya, confused as Bran, seductive as Margaery Tyrell, and super excited as Ramsay Bolton. And the Stannis one is … oddly on point.

Some of the images are better than others, but I think we can agree that overall, this is one of the better ideas the internet has had in awhile (or more specifically that creator and Reddit user CarlosDanger100 has had and graced us with). You can check out the full array on Imgur, but here’s a start. Which ones are your favorites, or frankly, the most disturbing? And would you watch Game of Thrones starring only Nic Cage? There’s only one right answer to that, people. The Many-Faced God sees all … (including this which cannot be unseen):

(h/t @erikdavis)

game-of-thrones-nicolas-cage-eddard-stark game-of-thrones-nicolas-cage-bran game-of-thrones-nicolas-cage-dany game-of-thrones-nicolas-cage-cersei

game-of-thrones-nicolas-cage-jon-snow game-of-thrones-nicolas-cage-stannis game-of-thrones-nicolas-cage-margaery