Comic-Con 2012: GAME OF THRONES Coming to Hall H, TRUE BLOOD Panel Scheduled

     June 19, 2012


The folks at Comic-Con are finally coming to their senses when it comes to TV panel programming.  After filling Ballroom 20 last year wall-to-wall, it was announced today that HBO’s wildly popular series Game of Thrones will be having its panel in the ginormous 6,500-seat Hall H for the upcoming convention.  At last year’s Comic-Con, the TV panels that did manage to be held in Hall H were relegated to Sunday in order to make room for movie panels for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but the Big Bang Theory panel this year has been set for Friday in Hall H and now Game of Thrones is slated for Friday as well in the primo location.  Hit the jump for more.

true-blood-comic-con-2012This move for Game of Thrones was a no-brainer and now many more Thrones fans will be able to attend the show’s panel.  With the recent news that more than a couple film studios will be sitting Comic-Con out entirely this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear about a few more TV panels coming to Hall H earlier than Sunday this year (The Walking Dead, anyone?).

In addition to the Hall H announcement for Game of Thrones, EW’s report adds that  True Blood is also returning to Comic-Con, but not in Hall H.  The panel for the incredibly silly (yet addicting) soap opera will take place on Saturday in Ballroom 20.  For a full-rundown of the Comic-Con 2012 TV panels announced thus far, click here.  Comic-Con runs from July 11 – July 15, and be sure to come back to Collider during that time for our extensive coverage including panel recaps, interviews, pictures, and much more.