Watch: GAME OF THRONES and PARKS AND REC Mash-Up Blends Hilarity with Despair

     August 7, 2015


The internet is not for lack of mash-up videos and “remixes,” as plenty of fans take it upon themselves to create their own tribute videos to various films, TV shows, and characters. Given the sheer quantity, a fair amount of them are, well, bad, but today the mash-up you didn’t know you needed has arrived: Game of Thrones and Parks and Recreation. The two series couldn’t be more different—one is a dark, violent, graphic HBO fantasy-drama, the other an optimistic, hilarious NBC sitcom (or used to be, anyway; RIP Parks and Rec). But it turns out the unforgettable opening credits for Parks and Recreation work wonderfully as a format to showcase all the dead characters on Game of Thrones.

Yes, someone has taken the cheerful music and visuals of the Parks and Recreation opening credits and reworked them as a tribute to everyone who’s died a violent, horrible death on Game of Thrones—and that’s a lot of people. It’s a funny “peanut butter and chocolate” type of combination, and it’s guaranteed to get the Parks and Rec theme song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Once I got over the depressing reminder that Parks is over and no longer on the air, I embraced the madness and laughed quite a bit. Ben Wyatt would no doubt approve.

So hit pause on your latest round of Cones of Dunshire and watch the Game of Thrones/Parks and Recreation mash-up video below, via The Playlist.


Image via HBO