New GAME OF THRONES Season Two Poster Spoils Part of Season One

     March 14, 2012


Obviously, because the show is such a huge hit and memes and every scrap of news on Game of Thrones shows up everywhere, there’s no doubt that plenty of us have seen the entire first season of HBO’s epic fantasy series. The hype machine is in full swing with the second season premiere coming in just a couple of weeks on April 1st, but that means those who aren’t caught up or on the bandwagon after the first season have the potential to have some things spoiled for them. A new fan poster (released as part of a fan program set up by HBO) for the second season does just that by revealing the death of a major character from the first season. It’s pretty gruesome, but it’s simple and effective, like most of the marketing so far. We’ve put the poster after the jump to avoid upsetting anyone, but at this point, if you haven’t caught up on Game of Thrones, you need to get your priorities straight, start neglecting your family, friends and job, and get on this train. Again, a MAJOR SPOILER for season one is included after the jump.

Here’s the poster, courtesy of HBO’s Game of Thrones fan outreach.