‘Game of Thrones’ Refresher: Riverrun, The Blackfish, The Freys, and More

     June 2, 2016


Last week’s Game of Thrones episode, “Blood of My Blood,” re-introduced a few old faces that we haven’t seen in years — both in Westeros years and actual Earth years. One of the biggest distinguishing factors of this season of Game of Thrones has been how much the story (finally) feels like it’s tying things together. That means bringing together major and minor storylines, even though some of those minor ones can be difficult to keep track of if you haven’t read the books (or even if you have!)

Below I’ve outlined a few key things to know about the Blackfish, Edmure Tully, and the Freys’ connection to the Riverrun and to the story at large before the next episode, “The Broken Man.” This will follow what we’ve seen in the show and no book spoilers (there may be some vague allusions), so read along if you need a refresher!