‘Game of Thrones’ Poll: What is Littlefinger’s Endgame?

     May 19, 2016


Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish (Aiden Gillan) popped back into our Game of Thrones lives in this week’s “Book of the Stranger,” after a too-long absence. As is Littlefinger’s way, he immediately started in on manipulating the most powerful people in Westeros, using his sway over Robyn Arryn to persuade the knights of the Vale into mobilizing, with his eye on attacking Ramsay Bolton at Winterfell.

This is only the latest example of Littlefinger’s usually successful behind-the-scenes machinations. Perhaps more than any other character on Game of Thrones, Littlefinger is a master puppeteer, popping from storyline to storyline to manipulate the situation with a high degree of success. Let’s take a moment to reflect on all of the events Littlefinger has engineered:

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    Image via HBO

    He persuaded Lysa to kill Jon Arryn and tell Ned and Catelyn Stark it was the Lannisters, effectively starting the War of the Five Kings and sowing the seeds for the Lannister/Stark feud.

  • He convinced Catelyn that it was Tyrion who tried to kill Bran, which led to her capture of the Lannister.
  • He helped bring about Ned Stark’s downfall (though, along with Varys and Cersei, didn’t have plans to kill him — that was all Joffrey).
  • He created the alliance between the Tyrells and Lannisters by securing the Margaery/Joffrey marriage.
  • He planned Joffrey’s murder, and snuck Sansa Stark out of King’s Landing in the immediate aftermath.
  • He arranged for Sansa to be married to Ramsay Bolton, and persuaded her into going through with it.
  • He gave Olenna the information that led to Cersei’s arrest by the Faith Militant.

And those are only the things we know about. But what is Baelish’s endgame? Does he just want as much power as he can get his slimy hands on? Does he want to claim Winterfell and Sansa Stark for his own? Or does he just want to watch the world burn? Here are our top theories. Which one do you think might be right?

Littlefinger is motivated by power.

Littlefinger is the son of a minor lord with minor holdings. This has always been at least one of the factors that drives Petyr — but is it the major one? Is power truly the only thing that Littlefinger cares about?