‘Game of Thrones’ Power Rankings: Who Really Rules Westeros?

     July 14, 2017


[Editor’s Note: This Power Ranking was originally compiled and posted at the end of Season 6, and servers as a refresher for the events of the finale. Spoilers, obviously!]

Looking at back at Game of ThronesSeason 5 Power Rankings, it proves what a massive shakeup Season 6 has provided us with. House Baratheon is completely gone, as is House Frey and Season 5 upstarts the Boltons, who were at the time my #1 pick (other than the Night King) as Westerosi power players. House Targaryen has made a huge leap forward, while the Tyrells took a big step back. And as alliances have shifted and blocs of power created (the future is female!), it makes it more difficult than ever to suss out where true power lies. In the end, these power rankings focus on Westeros and control of the Iron Throne, and are ranked from least amount of power to most.