‘Game of Thrones’: New Season 7 Images Tease “Stormborn” Alliances

     July 19, 2017

game-of-thrones-season-7-stormborn-sliceGame of Thrones‘ sprawling Season 7 premiere gave us a few things to think on, but since it was mostly set up it’s natural for us to be champing at the bit to move on to Episode 2, “Stormborn.” Though Vinnie Mancuso has already been addressing some of the theories for that next hour, new images released by HBO today may shed further light onto what we’ll be seeing on Sunday.

The most revealing one is probably of Daenerys’ alliance coming together at Dragonstone; there is Tyrion, her hand, of course, as well as Yara Greyjoy as the leader of her fleet. Ellaria Sand, queen mother of the Sand Snakes, is also in attendance. What will be interesting to see, though, is how Ellaria and Tyrion get along. Ellaria has no love for the Lannisters, though Oberyn didn’t mind Tyrion. However, Ellaria also murdered Myrcella …


Image via HBO

Another thing to note is Sansa’s hairstyle — yes, her hairstyle. She’s learned quite a few things from her time in King’s Landing, including adopting a Southern way of doing her hair. It could just be a habit, or it could be indicative of how much she is taking from Cersei and the Lannister’s tactics. Something like rewarding new allies and punishing old ones (which she suggested Jon do in front of the bannermen at Winterfell) is a Lannisterian movie. Of course, there’s also the suggestion that Sansa was feigning strife with Jon to mess with Littlefinger. Has the student become the master?

As for the rest of the pics, they’re pretty standard character portraits that don’t reveal too much, but let us know your theories and more in the comments! And, you can catch up with more of our recent Game of Thrones coverage below: