‘Game of Thrones’: Trailer for Next Week’s Episode Brings Mo Money, Mo Problems

     July 31, 2017


It’s hard to believe, but there are only five episodes of Game of Thrones left in the current season. This penultimate batch of episodes runs only seven installments in length, and indeed we’re already nearing the halfway point. HBO has unveiled the trailer for the Season 7, Episode 4 after last night’s “The Queen’s Justice”, and it shows a changed game board as Cersei made big moves.

“The Queen’s Justice” rejiggered the playing pieces in classic Game of Thrones fashion—just as we thought there was no path to victory for the Lannisters, they outmaneuvered Daenerys Targaryen and her allies, and now in scenes from next week’s episode Dany looks to be on the ropes. It’s a bit of irony as she just basically shut down Jon Snow saying she didn’t need his help, but next week we may find her needs have changed dramatically. We also see some snow-set scenes that preview Sansa’s growing stresses as Queen of the North (for the timebeing) and some sort of crowd—are those allied forces gathering at Winterfell?

HBO has yet to officially unveil episode titles or synopses for the rest of Season 7’s episodes, so we don’t yet know what next week’s installment is called. But veteran TV director Matt Shakman makes his Game of Thrones debut directing the next two episodes of the season. Shakman has directed a lot of TV over the last decade and a half, with work ranging from House to Mad Men to The Good Wife, but he’s spent the majority of his career helming episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Anywho, check out the Season 7 Episode 4 trailer below, click here to catch up on our recap of last night’s episode, and click here for our weekly-updated guide to all the latest Game of Thrones theories.