‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Finale Images Tease the Most Important Meeting Ever

     August 23, 2017


Some spoilers follow.

It’s been a wild ride in this, the seventh season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. In only a half-dozen episodes, fans have received more concentrated mythology, feels, and family reunions than in the entirety of the series’ run so far. There have been deaths, of course, and disappointments, but the George R.R. Martin-inspired show has long made viewers suffer along with its characters, so it’s high time we are rewarded with some dragon-fire and zombie fights.

However, the Season 7 finale–the last Game of Thrones finale before the “Big One”–will likely focus more on setting the stage for the final season, as teased by new images from the upcoming episode. All the surviving major players look to gather together in King’s Landing to discuss the real threat: The Night King and his army of the dead … which may or may not include an ice dragon at this point. The dragonpit seems a fitting place for just such an occasion.

“The Dragon and the Wolf” will certainly have some surprises in store for us; it had better since it’s almost as long as a feature film. The hour-and-21-minutes of epic fantasy television were under the eye of Emmy-nominated director Jeremy Podeswa, whose Game of Thrones work includes this season’s premiere, “Dragonstone”, allowing him the opportunity to bookend the show’s penultimate season and close off any straggling season-long arcs; no pressure.

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