Everything You Need to Know about ‘Game of Thrones’ Before Season 8

     August 14, 2017


Game of Thrones had a weird year. There were only seven episodes, it premiered in July rather than April because they needed to hold off on filming due to weather, and pretty much every episode was incredibly consequential. It’s like watching a regular season on fast-forward and every scene is either a big reunion, big battle, or major death. There wasn’t even time for the characters to travel. In one scene, Jon Snow says he’s going to Dragonstone, and in the next scene, he’s in Dragonstone.

With all that’s been happening, it’s easy to feel a little lost, so be sure to catch up with these Game of Thrones articles we’ve been posting over the past few weeks. I’m sure my theory about Littlefinger being useless won’t come back to bite me in the ass.


Image via HBO

General Purpose

Ep. 7×01 – “Dragonstone”

Ep. 7×02 – “Stormborn”

Ep. 7×03 – “The Queen’s Justice”

Ep. 7×04 – “The Spoils of War”


Image via HBO

Ep. 7×05 – “Eastwatch”

Ep. 7×06 – “Beyond the Wall”

Ep. 7×07 – “The Dragon and the Wolf”