‘Game of Thrones’ Guide, Week 6: Every Question We Have Before the Season 7 Finale

     August 22, 2017


Like a cheap, drunken night at a Braavosi brothel, Game of Thrones usually leaves us with far more questions than answers. Each week, we’re going to take a deeper look into every single Q HBO’s fantasy mega-hit needs to A. 

As predicted, Jon Snow’s suicide mission in “Beyond The Wall” went horribly; Thoros of Myr is dead, Gendry Baratheon was exposed as this show’s most awkward runner, and The Night King slew Viserion and resurrected the dragon as his own personal undead nuclear bomb. Luckily, amid the chaos, our heroes did manage to nab a wight, and now we’re headed to King’s Landing for the most important business meeting in Westeros history.