‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Power Rankings: Where Things Left Off

     April 14, 2019


In preparation for Season 8, we’ve fetched our Season 7 Power Rankings from the vault — obviously, spoilers are below!

Greetings, fair Westerosi citizens! It’s time to take a look at who holds the real power in this godforsaken land. It’s bizarre to think about how important lineage and the hierarchy of the Major Houses mattered in the early seasons of Game of Thrones, and how many of those houses have since been eradicated. Essentially only four remain — The Greyjoys, Targaryens, Starks, and Lannisters — and they end up roughly in the same power positions as they did last season.

So this year, in addition to ranking the houses in terms of their power, I’m also going to look at who might actually win this crazy game of thrones — and who should. Afterwards, you can vote for who you think should sit upon the Iron Throne, assuming it still stands at the end of the series.