‘Game of Thrones’: 14 Images from Next Week’s Episode Tease More Creepy Bran, Another Lannister Trial

     April 17, 2019

HBO has released 14 new images from Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2, for which we currently do not know the title. Indeed, HBO is playing things very secretive for the hit series’ final season, declining to reveal episode titles until after each episode airs. We only discovered Sunday night that the premiere was called “Winterfell.”

That said, it would not be wholly surprising to discover that the second episode of this final season is called “Places, Everyone!” Between the trailer and these new images, it appears that the next episode is very much about getting all the pieces and characters together to prepare for the epic Battle of Winterfell episode, which is almost certainly the season’s third episode. That’s been teased as one giant battle sequence lasting over an hour in length, so it would then fall on the episode preceding it to set up what exactly is going on.

What exactly is going on is that we’re about to get a third Lannister trial. First it was Tyrion back in Season 4 for allegedly killing Joffrey, then it was Cersei in Season 6 at the hand of the High Sparrow, and now it appears Jaime Lannister will go before the lords and ladies of Winterfell to answer for his crimes—namely pushing Bran out a window.

That was, of course, before Bran became Creepy Bran, who appears to be continuing to stare in a most unsettling fashion in next week’s episode. Also of note: Lady Lyanna Mormont in battle armor!

Check out the Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 images below (via EW):


Image via HBO, Helen Sloan


Image via HBO, Helen Sloan


Image via HBO, Helen Sloan


Image via HBO, Helen Sloan