‘Game of Thrones’ Guide, Week 3: Every Question We Have After “The Long Night”

     April 29, 2019

Well. folks, “The Long Night” has come to an end, and despite the fact that I went a full 26 minutes before realizing that my computer monitor just wasn’t turned on, I thought this was a real mixed bag! I simply cannot sit here and tell you an episode of television in which one dragon eats another zombie dragon’s face off in the sky is “bad.” But I also find it hard to believe that building up a mysterious, evil ice-wizard as a series’ unstoppable Big Bad only to have him go 0-1 in actual battles because he couldn’t be bothered to walk faster than 3 miles per hour is “good.”

Arya Stark still a bad, bad woman though. No matter what, I can respect losing your virginity and saving mankind from an endless winter over, like, an eight hour period. That time frame for me was way more similar to that shot of Sam Tarly just sort’ve lying on the ground and crying surrounded by fire.


I have questions. You have questions. Lord Yohn Royce most likely has some questions since he apparently didn’t even show up for the battle. Let’s get into it.