New ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Images Prophesy What’s to Come

     April 9, 2019


The time for speculation is almost at a close, as Game of Thrones‘ final season premieres in less than a week. At last, we will get answers to how the fates of all of our favorite characters, and indeed the realm itself, will resolve in these final six episodes. And then, for book readers, whether (eventually) that ending matches up with the one George R. R. Martin envisioned (or indeed, if he ends up changing it as a result of the show’s choices).

HBO has released another batch of final season images before the premiere that give a few hints and glimpses into what we might be facing, at least in this first hour. Jorah is back at the side of his queen, Dany looks both confident and a little pissed off, Bran is serene, Sansa is stoic (with Brienne and Pod at her side), Cersei is calculating, and Jon Snow both looks like a leader and someone who is totally overwhelmed (which basically sums him up). The costuming is, of course, incredibly detailed and gorgeous, something that often gets lost in the mania of the episodes’ action. But in this calm before that storm of swords, we can admire the details — and do a little more speculation — before the end comes.

Check out all of the new images below, and give us your theories on what they might mean; Game of Thrones Season 8 premieres Sunday, April 14th on HBO.