Will ‘Game of Thrones’ Have a Surprise Pregnancy When It Returns in 2019?

     January 26, 2018


Pregnancy can be a pretty heavy burden for a show. Some programs go out their way to cover it up while others make it a central plot point. In the case of one returning series, expect to see at least one character to be pregnant with more than just emotion. And it looks like according to TV Line, that show is Game of Thrones:

Rumor has it a wildly popular, Emmy-winning series on a premium cable network is plotting a pregnancy twist that promises to be… surprising is an understatement. The plan — which, as always, is subject to change — is for the character’s baby bump to be unveiled when the show in question makes its anticipated return in (ugh) 2019.

“Wildly popular”, “Emmy-winning”, and “anticipated return in 2019” and it’s hard to think of any other show that fits that description other than Big Little Lies, but Game of Thrones just feels like the more likely candidate.. So who’s the pregnant character? In the story of the show, Cersei told Jamie in the Season 7 finale that she was pregnant, but it’s possible that another character on the show could be pregnant. It could be Daenerys, which would be shocking since she’s supposed to be barren, oh and also it would be an incest baby since the father is undoubtedly Jon Snow.

The question then becomes how well can the showrunners write the pregnancy into the show. It’s a bit of a hurdle, especially as Game of Thrones reaches its endgame, but the show has never backed off on how to shock or surprise its viewers. Also, it’s not a show that’s afraid of “going there” when it comes to putting pregnant women in danger or even outright killing them as we saw at the Red Wedding. So just because your favorite character is now with child, that doesn’t mean they’re going to make it to the end of the series.