‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Trailer Breakdown: From The Golden Company to Water Dancing

     March 5, 2019


We’ve been as hungry as The Hound once was for chickens for that Game of Thrones final season trailer. And on Tuesday, HBO finally served it up, teasing a new golden army, confirming a duo’s survival, offering more dragon footage, and showing us Arya Stark water dancing in battle.

Let’s put our Grand Maester chains on and dive in:

Who was that golden army at the :29 second mark?
With just a brief glimpse at his golden armor and slicked-back blond hair, the man looking over a shiny army sure does remind us of Season 1 Jaime Lannister. A closer look at the sigil on the ship, though — the kraken — reveals that this man (possibly the character Harry Strickland) and the army are under the employ of Euron Greyjoy. They are, in fact, the Golden Company, sellswords from Essos, who we assume are the reason Cersei is really, really, really enjoying her wine in the Season 8 trailer. In the Season 7 finale, Cersei revealed to her twin that Euron was on a mission to “ferry” the Golden Company back to King’s Landing to help her side win the war for Westeros.


Image via HBO

Did Tormund and Beric Dondarrion survive the collapse of the wall (:32)?
We suspected — but didn’t know for sure — that Wildling Tormund Gianstbane and Beric Dondarrion made it through the Night King and undead dragon Viserion’s attack on The Wall in the Season 7 finale, but the Season 8 trailer officially confirms they’re alive. The two fan favorites appear to be somewhere dark, with their path lit by Beric’s flaming sword. Wherever they are – and a decent guess would be somewhere under Castle Black – they’re breathing (helpful, since Beric likely can’t be brought back from the dead again) and in good company. Although he’s a little hard to make out, it appears they’re with Jon Snow’s brother from the Night’s Watch – Edd (aka Dolorous Edd) in his black cloak.

Who is Bran talking to (:33) and what could it mean?
“Everything you did brought you where you are now … home,” Bran says in the clip, but although Samwell Tarly is in the frame when he starts to speak, it also jumps around to show a smug Cersei at King’s Landing, and then, Dany’s Unsullied army marching into Winterfell. So, Bran could be talking to any or all of them, but it sure feels like words directed at a Stark or a Stark/Targaryen. Could this be part of the moment where Jon learns who he really is (Aegon Targaryen)?


Image via HBO

A throwback (:58) to Gendry’s Season 1 history!
We first met Gendry when Ned Stark visited King Robert Baratheon’s bastard son as he forged swords and helmets in Season 1, and the newest trailer offers a nice callback to what Joe Dempsie‘s character used to be known for (before the whole “still rowing” thing). With the dead on the way, he’s got a lot of blacksmithing to do – or supervise (now that he’s caught his breath from that whole run back to East Watch).

Are we finally getting a Jaime/Brienne reunion?

Last time Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth saw each other was when they shared a nod (and a steel handed wave) from afar as Podrick rowed him and Brienne away from Riverrun in Season 6, but could the placement of some Jaime and Brienne footage in the trailer be a hint they’ll reunite – at least on the battlefield? It sure looks like Brienne fighting to a backdrop of firelight at 1:03, followed immediately by Jaime shouting in battle at 1:04. And later, he says, “I promised to flight for the living. I intend to keep that promise,” in the trailer – a very “oathkeeper”-y thing to remark…. 

Arya finally does her “water dancing” in battle (1:28)!


Image via HBO

A young Arya Stark began taking lessons in fighting (water dancing) from Syrio Forel in Season 1 and she’s certainly had plenty of practice over the years (like in Season 4, when she killed Polliver, who’d murdered her pal Lommy on the way to Harrenhal). But, the fight against the dead will be her greatest challenge. Luckily for the living, she looks badass in her trailer fight snippet (although we need to know who she’s running from – or to – at the :20 mark). And is Podrick Payne (spotted alongside Brienne of Tarth and the Knights of the Vale at 1:36) about to head into the fight once again wielding Tyrion’s Battle of the Blackwater axe?

Is Jon Snow finally going to ride a dragon? (1:53)
Kit Harington
is a force onscreen in every one of the many, many battles his character has had to face over the seasons, but will we finally see Jon Snow ride a dragon in Season 8? Dany’s babies certainly have warmed to him, and he is a Targaryen, so we’re wondering if the trailer moment that sees Jon and Dany approach Drogon and Rhaegal is a hint that Jon might finally end up taking flight.

Game of Thrones returns April 14 on HBO.