Watch: New ‘Game of Thrones’ Series Trailer Recaps Everything in 5 Minutes

     July 14, 2017


Dragons, ice zombies, Starks, and the Khaleesi — that’s just about all you really need to remember when it comes to Game of Thrones, per a new series recap video from HBO. But truly, the recap (which is just a shade over 5 minutes long) goes through the series and manages to not only highlight the most important parts coherently, it also doesn’t spoil any deaths. A miracle!

The trailer actually isn’t a bad introduction for people who haven’t watched the show before and are curious (who are you?!), but for those of us who have been with it since the beginning, it’s like one of those Facebook videos of your relationship. ‘Member when Robert and Eddard were buddies? ‘Member the King in the North? Member … :cries: 

It’s been a wild ride, and it’s not over yet — we still have another season after this, though the coming together of the show’s many threads was a delight last year and something that will surely only grow richer with time. As great as it is to be reminded of some of these early-season scenes, though, it’s also interesting to see what was cut out as not “essential” to the storytelling. We’ve seen several major houses fall, yet after many seasons of posturing, it is as the Red Woman says: the War of the Five Kings means nothing; at least, not when there are dragons and the Night King at large. Sorry Dorne, Greyjoys, and you nasty Boltons.

Look how young everyone is! It’s really a great trailer, especially as part of the hype train for Sunday’s new episode. Speaking of, check back on Collider for episode recaps from Kayti Burt, as well as a new Episode Questions column from Vinnie Mancuso, and much more. In fact, if you missed it, here is even more of our Game of Thrones coverage from this past week: