Watch GAME OF THRONES: THE MUSICAL Starring Peter Dinklage, Kit Harington, and More

     May 22, 2015


Last night was Red Nose Day, a star-studded program to help raise money for various charitable organization.  There were plenty of good sketches and bits, but one that deserves special attention is Game of Thrones: The Musical.

The sketch is done in the style of a behind-the-scenes documentary complete with narration from Liam Neeson. I’m not sure if the joke is that Coldplay is awful and any musical they did would be bad, or if a musical based on Game of Thrones would be bad. I think it’s the latter, but it’s really tough to tell. But overall, the sketch does a good job of blending the mockumentary style with references to the show.

Watch Game of Thrones: The Musical below, and click here to donate to Red Nose Day.

Here’s more on the charities you’ll be helping when you donate [via the press release]:

The money raised during Red Nose Day will be used to fund programs that address the immediate needs of children and young people living in poverty in the U.S. and internationally in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The money will be split between domestic and international poverty issues. The pre-selected charity partners are Boys & Girls Clubs of America; charity: water; Children’s Health Fund; Feeding America; Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance; the Global Fund; LIFT; National Council of La Raza; National Urban League; Oxfam America; Save the Children and United Way.


Image via HBO