‘Game of Thrones’: The Wall’s History and Magic Explained

     August 27, 2017


Be aware this post has MAJOR SPOILERS for Game of Thrones through Season 7, Episode 7, “The Dragon and The Wolf”.

“Don’t knock it down while I’m gone.” – Jon Snow, “The Door”

The Checkov’s gun of Game of Thrones finally went off. You don’t introduce a big ass magical wall protecting the realm of men from the icy undead unless you intend to bring it tumbling down, and that’s just what the series did this week when the Night King rode Viserion, his newly minted wight dragon, to the wall and melted a path right through it. Fans have long speculated whether dragon fire or wildfire would be enough to burn through the wall, and it turns out the blue flames of an ice dragon was just the ticket to finally get the job done. It was a necessary narrative pay off and we all knew it had to happen, but what does this mean for Jon, Daenerys, and the fate of humankind? Nothing good, especially considering the queen of Westeros is willing to watch her kingdom freeze over as long as she keeps the throne.

With the Night King’s forces about to unleash havoc on the realm, let’s look back in memorium at the wall that protected Westeros for centuries, how it came to be, and all the other little details you may have forgotten along the way.