‘Game of Thrones’: Collider Editors Pick Who Will End Up on the Iron Throne

     April 2, 2019


When it comes to Game of Thrones, you win or you die. And there have been many, many deaths over the course of HBO’s series. There have also been many iconic images associated with the show, from dragons to White Walkers, but nothing so defines this story as the Iron Throne itself. It is the seat of power in the realm of Westeros and the thing that almost every character is either specifically vying for, looking to overthrow, or otherwise preoccupied by. Its very construction (that of swords all melted together) creates an uncomfortable and brutal structure for a monarch to sit in — one that, in the books at least, can also harm the person sitting on it (Joffrey often got small cuts from it).

So as Game of Thrones wraps up with this final season, the natural question is: Who will sit on the Iron Throne in the end? Who will win the game? Our Collider Editors have each made our picks (with some caveats for each) about who may end up in the seat of power — if anyone. With the Night King coming, it’s very possible the throne itself may cease to exist … — Allison Keene