THE RAID Director Gareth Evans to Helm Heist Drama BREAKING THE BANK

     May 4, 2012


Director Gareth Evans wowed audiences with his small budget Indonesian action film The Raid (titled The Raid: Redemption for US audiences), and now Universal Pictures wants him to tackle a heist drama.  Deadline reports that the studio acquired the fact-based drama Breaking the Bank as a directing vehicle for Evans.  The story is based on the book Heist: The True Story of the World’s Biggest Cash Robbery and the Sports Illustrated article Breaking the Bank, and tells the real story of former UFC fighter “Lighting” Lee Murray, “a mixed martial arts street brawler who masterminded the largest cash heist in history in England in 2006.”

Evans’ talent behind the camera was more than impressive in The Raid, and I’d be interested to see how he handles a film that veers towards the more dramatic side.  He’s set to direct a sequel to The Raid called Berendal in what’s planned as a trilogy.  Evans is also working as a producer on the American remake of The Raid.  Hit the jump to watch the trailer for Evans’ excellent The Raid.


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