Gary Oldman on ‘Criminal’, What He Collects, and Why He Doesn’t Do Karaoke

     April 11, 2016

With director Ariel Vromen’s Criminal opening this weekend, a few days ago I sat down with Gary Oldman for an exclusive video interview. He talked about why he wanted to be part of the project, memorable moments from filming, what he collects, and why he doesn’t do karaoke.


Image via Lionsgate

If you’re not familiar with the film, Criminal features every big actor in Hollywood (okay, slight exaggeration but it does feature Kevin CostnerTommy Lee JonesGal GadotAlice EyeMichael Pitt, and Ryan Reynolds) and it’s about a CIA agent whose memories are inserted into the brain of a dangerous convict after he’s killed on a mission. After waking up from the surgery, the convict (Costner) tries to continue the mission while balancing his new identity.

Gary Oldman:

  • What is his karaoke song?
  • What does he collect? Talks about vintage cameras.
  • Being part of the incredible cast.
  • Memorable moments from filming?

Here’s the official synopsis and poster:

The story of the right man in the wrong body. In a last-ditch effort to stop a diabolical plot, a dead CIA operative’s memories, secrets, and skills are implanted into an unpredictable and dangerous death-row inmate in hopes that he will complete the operative’s mission.


Summit Entertainment and Millennium Films present a Benderspink production and Millennium Films production and a Campbell Grobman Films production, a film by Ariel Vromen. Written by Douglas Cook & David Weisberg. Directed by Ariel Vromen.



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