Watch: Gary Oldman Dancing to James Brown in Winston Churchill Makeup Will Brighten Your Day

     January 18, 2018


This one’s a few weeks old but hey, if we’re just now seeing it, some of you may be too. Oscar nominations are due to be announced next Tuesday, at which point Gary Oldman is expected to secure his second career nomination for his role as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour. It’s a phenomenal performance, and one in which Oldman found himself wholly transformed not through diet or a haircut, but an incredible makeup team that rendered Oldman unrecognizable.

But given the laborious process to “become” Winston Churchill, Oldman wasn’t one to take the makeup off in between takes—it stayed on all day. How does one combat restlessness or boredom? By dancing, of course. Gary Oldman dancing to James Brown in and of itself would be fun enough, but here we have video of Oldman dancing to James Brown in full Winston Churchill makeup. It’s a silly, fun thing.

The video first debuted on The Graham Norton Show in late December, where Oldman showed off the video that his wife shot on her iPhone. You can watch that full Graham Norton segment below, in which Oldman also talks about how many cigars he had to smoke for the part and fellow guest Hugh Jackman heaps immense praise on Oldman’s performance. But below that you can see Oldman/Churchill dancing on a loop, if you just want to skip to the goods.

Hey, it may not be substantive, but in this day and age if something makes you smile even a little, it’s worthwhile. Take a look below.

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