Gary Ross Re-Writing SPIDER-MAN 4

     July 8, 2009


While I remain in disbelief that they’re even making a “Spider-Man 4” (I know it’s actually happening; I just thought it would remain in development hell for longer, especially after the disappointment of the third film), it’s not slowing down with Variety reporting that writer/director Gary Ross is coming on board to re-write the script.  The script was first handled by James Vanderbilt (“Zodiac”) and then David Lindsay-Abaire (“Inkheart”).  The addition of Ross, who wrote “Dave”, “Pleasantville”, and “Seabiscuit”, signals that the new installment may be headed in a slightly saccharine direction.  That’s not the worst thing.  Spidey is a character that can go dark and brooding but he can also be light-hearted and fancy-free.  Personally, I’ve had a little too much dark and brooding and bringing Ross on board says “We know ‘The Dark Knight’ was successful but we’re going to do our own thing.”  Good for them.

“Spider-Man 4” is currently slated to hit theatres on May 6, 2011.  Sam Raimi will return to direct and Tobey Maguire is returning as Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

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