GATCHAMAN Movie – Photos of the Display at Los Angeles Anime Expo 2009 – Plus a Gatchaman Watch

     July 2, 2009

Gatchaman movie - anime convention (3).jpg

Starting today at the Los Angeles Convention Center is Anime Expo 2009. Billed as the nation’s largest anime and manga convention, I went to see if their claim was true. And I have to say, it was pretty impressive. In a little while I’ll be posting tons of pictures of people in costumes and a more detailed write-up of what I thought. But for now, let’s talk “Gatchaman”.

At the convention today, Imagi Studios had a booth where they were showing clips from their upcoming “Astro Boy” movie and they also had some early signage for their next feature “Gatchaman”. After the jump, you can see the images as well as a “Gatchaman” watch which they were giving away to people at certain times of the day.

As you can see in the images below, while the signage isn’t anything amazing, it’s enough to keep me excited. I grew up watching “Gatchaman” and I cannot wait to see this feature in a few years. Also, the characters of the film look exactly like I’d want them to. And make sure you notice the fiery phoenix on the upper right of the first picture. If you’re a fan of “Gatchaman”, this should make you very happy.

Since displays and signage are expensive to make, and with Comic-Con right around the corner, I’d like to think the same display will be in San Diego. If you’re going there, maybe you can also get a watch….

Gatchaman movie - anime convention.jpg

Gatchaman movie - anime convention (1).jpg

Gatchaman movie - anime convention (2).jpg

Gatchaman movie watch (1).jpg

Gatchaman movie watch.jpg

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