Gemma Arterton and Andrew Garfield to Star in CAPA

     December 26, 2010


It should come as no surprise that Gemma Arterton and Andrew Garfield, two of the year’s most sought-after and interesting new stars, will join forces. Arterton says she will star opposite Garfield in the new Michael Mann film Capa, which tells the story of the two-year romance between Gerda Taro and war photographer Robert Capa. Based on Susana Fortes’ award-winning novel Waiting for Robert Capa, Mann wants to create a “gritty, low-budget film.”

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It is true that Garfield is the man of the hour after The Social Network, Never Let Me Go, and landing the lead of Spider-Man, a role he says feels like a “dream realized.” But the rise of Arterton’s star following Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia has not been lost on Total Film.  The site deemed Arterton the “Hottest Actress” and Garfield the “Hottest Actor” of 2010.

Arterton expressed her excitement in a statement to Total Film:


“I’m attached to about nine projects but I’m not sure which one’s I’m allowed to talk about. But I’m aiming for even more diversity. Capa is confirmed, so I should be working with your hottest actor, Andy Garfield!”

Both Capa and the pastural comedy Tamara Drewe will offer Arterton’s mainstream audience a fun change of pace, who is used to seeing her in blockbusters running around in a desert — first with Sam Worthington, then with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Here is the synopsis for Waiting for Robert Capa:

Love, war and photography marked the real-life romance between the war photographers Robert Capa and Gerda Taro during the Spanish Civil War. They were young, anti-Fascist, good-looking, and nonconformist. They had everything in life, and they put everything at risk. They created their own legend and remained faithful to it until the very end! A young German woman named Gerta Pohorylle and a young Hungarian man named Endre Friedmann meet in Paris in 1935. Both Communists, Jewish, exiled, and photographers, they decide to change their names in order to sell their work more easily, and so they become Gerda Taro and Robert Capa. With these new identities, they travel to Spain and begin to document the Spanish Civil War. Two years later, tragedy will befall them — but until then, theirs is a romance for the ages. [Amazon]

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